About PAY-Less Auto Sales

Welcome to Payless Auto Sales located at 905 East Johnson St in Jonesboro, AR. Please call us at 870-932-3461 to arrange a test drive or visit our website www.paylessautosalesrenttoown.com to view our complete inventory.

Company Mission: 

          PAY-Less Auto Sales is a Rent-To-Own dealer of used vehicles which include sedans, trucks, mini-vans, and suv’s.

            Our mission and purpose is to provide the use of quality vehicles with an incomparable high level of customer service to those
            who make a decision to do business with our company.  
We choose to conduct our business with the highest regard
            for ethical standards mindful of our responsibilities to ourselves and our customers.


Company Philosophy:

            We recognize that the association with our customer is our single most important

            relationship.  We value each individual relationship, and will treat each transaction within that relationship with respect, 
            integrity, and honesty.We are committed to creating long term value for our customers rather than settle for short term gains. 
We will serve our customers and respond to their needs in a cheerful and enthusiastic manner. 



There is no other used vehicle dealer in Northeast Arkansas that offers the following:

            We begin with buying high quality used vehicles.

We allow the customer ample time to inspect the vehicle with no high pressure sales techniques.

We take pride in treating our customers with dignity and respect. 

We will pay the used vehicle sales tax which will save you hundreds of dollars.

We will buy the vehicle license plate and keep the tags updated each year of the agreement which means additional savings for you.

We list the vehicles on our personal property tax assessment which will save you even more of your hard earned money.

We stand behind our vehicles with a Power Train Plus Guarantee for the first 6 months or 6000 miles of the agreement.

Our customer is not “locked in” to an agreement.  You can return the vehicle at any time with no further obligation, provided it is returned in fair condition. 


It’s more than a car……..

            For almost 18 years we have been renting to own used vehicles to thousands of customers in Northeast Arkansas.  We have
            offered high quality used vehicles to  families who have faced credit difficulties in their past.  We match every customer with
            a vehicle that fits their personal needs and their budget, which helps us to develop a long term win-win relationship.



 Dare to Compare

Consider the following chart which shows a comparison between our Rent to Own plan and a Buy Here-Pay Here plan:

Rent to Own:                                                                     ABC Auto Sales Financing

1. Pay a Non-Refundable security deposit                   1. Pay a Non Refundable Down Payment

2. Must obtain full coverage insurance                       2. Must obtain full coverage insurance

3. We pay the sales tax                                                   3. You pay the sales tax  

4  We renew your tag each year.                                   4. You renew your own tag each year

5. We list the vehicle on our property assessment   5. You list the vehicle on your assessment 

6. We allow you to turn in or trade at any time         6. It is difficult to trade or turn in  

7. We have no interest or finance charges                  7. You pay interest and finance charges




Rent to own:                                                                                                                        ABC Auto Sales Financing: 

No Credit Check                                                                                                                    You will have to pass a credit check                       

Deposit = $800                                                                                                                      Priced at $7499.00

Payment = $80.00 per week/104 weeks                                                                           15% down = $1125.00 
No Finance charge                                                                                                                Finance charge = $767.00

Sales tax = $0.00                                                                                                                   Sales tax = $582.00

Personal property tax = $0.00                                                                                            Personal property tax for two years=$135.00

Origination fee = $100.00                                                                                                   Tag renewal = $32.00 per year = $64.00

6 month or 6,000 mile Power Train Plus Guarantee*                                               You will have to purchase Warranty      


Total paid = $8520.00                                                                                                         Total Paid = $9047.00